Window Treatment Ideas For A Rental Apartment

22 November 2018
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Window treatments have a big effect on the appearance of your apartment. When you rent an apartment, you may feel like you're limited if you're not allowed to drill holes to hang curtains or install shutters. However, you still have some options for customizing your space with window treatments you like. Here are some ideas for apartment window treatments. Colorful Curtains Apartments tend to be bland colors, such as having all white walls. Read More 

Avoid The Pitfalls Of An Open Design Office By Consulting A Commercial Interior Design Expert

10 May 2018
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Whether you're constructing a new office or renovating your existing one, it's a good idea to consider integrating an open design into your office. Open designs are rapidly becoming popular in commercial spaces – when you take down the barriers between employees, they can work together and communicate with each other easily. However, there are a number of potential problems that you may run in to with an open design which require planning to avoid, making it important to hire a commercial interior design professional to carefully create the layout for your new open office. Read More