Interior Design 101: Everything You Need To Become A Professional Interior Designer

27 December 2017
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Do you have a passion for interior design and want to make a career out of it? Interior designers are responsible for creating and designing living spaces for clients. It is a great way to let your creativity shine. Many people do not have a good sense of style or the time to design their homes or businesses. It is easier for them to hire professionals to take care of it for them. Read More 

Tried Selling Your Home With No Luck? Restart The Process With Professional Home Staging

29 August 2017
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When you decide to list your home for sale, there is no guarantee that it will sell. There are many factors that can increase or decrease the chance of selling and some of them are out of your hands. If your home has been on the market for a while and you have not had the luck that you were hoping for, you may want to consider taking a new or different approach to see if you can generate better results. Read More 

Ready To Display Your Photographs? Show Off Your Talents With These Tips

13 July 2017
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If you have been taking a lot of your own pictures with a high quality professional style camera and you are ready to display your prints around your home, you want to make sure that it's done right. You want to be sure that the pictures will look just as good on the walls as they did when you took each one, and that the quality or the style isn't compromised. Read More 

Three Mistakes To Avoid When Maintaining Your Granite Countertops

5 June 2017
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Granite countertops are both beautiful and durable, which allows them to be a real work horse in the kitchen. Proper maintenance is key to ensuring they remain beautiful for many years. The following mistakes can ruin your investment, or at least add additional cost and work to repair. #1: Skipping a sealant application Granite may seem hard, but the surface of the stone is actually quite porous. This means that it is possible to stain the counters if you aren't careful. Read More 

2 Reasons To Buy A Gift From A Unique Gift Boutique

20 April 2017
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A unique gift boutique website can often be one of the best resources at your disposal if you are trying to find a meaningful or personalized gift for a friend or loved one. Listed below are two reasons to buy a gift from a unique gift boutique. Handmade Options Are Available One of the best reasons to buy a gift from a unique gift boutique is the fact that they will often have a wide range of handmade options available to you. Read More