Tile Shapes That Can Add Style To A Wall

1 February 2023
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There are all sorts of walls throughout your home that can benefit from tiles. Your local tile store carries products in many sizes, colors, and finishes, so you can choose something that has a subtle look or something that adds a bold style to the room. When you think about wall tiles, you might often picture shapes such as squares and rectangles. It's worthwhile to know that there are tiles in all sorts of other shapes, which can be a good choice if you feel that you want more of a unique look. Here are three tile shapes that can add style to a wall.

Fish Scale

Fish scale tiles get their name because they look remarkably like the scales on the body of a fish. These tiles are available in a few different sizes, but all have the same unique shape — a rounded top and a pointed bottom that make it look as though the rows of tiles are overlapping one another. This type of tile can work well on many walls of your home. Because of its association with fish, you might find that it's appropriate in a water-focused room such as your bathroom or laundry room. Fish scale tiles as a backsplash behind your bathroom sink, for example, can work well.


You'll also find a large selection of hexagonal tiles at any tile supply store. These tiles can work well on many walls in your home. The style that they add often makes them a popular addition to one or more kitchen walls. For example, in addition to having them on the wall behind the kitchen sink, you might like to have them on any wall behind the counter. There are lots of different design ideas to consider with hexagonal tiles. For a clean look, use tiles of one color. For something more vibrant, choose two or more colors and position them in a random manner.


A lot of people consider Arabesque tiles to be one of the most stylish tile types on the market. These tiles are curvy and some people feel that they look like ancient lanterns. Arabesque tiles will give somewhat of an exotic look to a section of a wall in your home, whether it's in your kitchen, bathroom, or even a decorative part of a wall in your dining room. These tiles are available in a few sizes and can sometimes have a rustic look that works well.