Window Treatment Ideas For A Rental Apartment

22 November 2018
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Window treatments have a big effect on the appearance of your apartment. When you rent an apartment, you may feel like you're limited if you're not allowed to drill holes to hang curtains or install shutters. However, you still have some options for customizing your space with window treatments you like. Here are some ideas for apartment window treatments.

Colorful Curtains

Apartments tend to be bland colors, such as having all white walls. You can add some personality to your space with brightly colored curtains or with curtains that have bold patterns. The problem you might face with an apartment is a way to hang curtains if there are blinds installed and you're not allowed to drill holes. One possible solution is to use a tension rod that fits inside the window frame. Another possibility is a magnetic rod that attaches to a metal window frame or metal blinds.

You can also buy hangers that attach to the wall with adhesive strips so they can be removed without harming the paint. These hold up lightweight curtains, but they might not hold heavy drapes. These hanging solutions may require you to buy curtains that have grommets or that slide onto a rod rather than hang with hooks.

Removable Window Film

If you want to increase privacy or add color, consider removable vinyl film. You can buy film that has a stained glass pattern so it adds color when sun shines through the window. You can also buy frosted film or solid-color film that you stick to the windows and then peel off when you're ready to move. Adding film is a solution for more privacy when you live in a lower-level apartment and people pass by your windows often. It's one possible alternative for your windows when you can't hang privacy drapes.

Tension Shades

An apartment is often outfitted with vinyl mini blinds, but you may find them too boring. One solution is to take down the blinds and store them safely so you can replace them later, and then install tension shades. These shades are designed with a compression or tension system so they're held in place between the window frame without the need for hangers or drilling. They don't attach with adhesive so you don't have to worry about them ripping off paint when you move. An advantage to this type of window treatment is that they come in different colors so your walls won't be all white.

Once you start looking at all the window treatment options available, you'll probably find a solution for your apartment that doesn't require drilling holes or destroying paint. Being able to customize your window treatments is a small step toward making your apartment feel more like home because it reflects your style and personality. Contact a company, like Sav-Mor Interiors, for more help.