Custom Framing: Why It Makes A Difference In Interior Design

16 July 2021
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Whether you wish to display a beautiful piece of needlework, an art print, or family photos, the frame can make a huge difference in appearance. Custom framing gives you full control over how your finished piece will look. Custom frames will also match your interior style perfectly and complement the look of your home. Read on to learn more. 

Custom framing provides protection

Heirloom photos, needlework, and fine art are worth protecting. Cheap frames may be manufactured with chemicals that can damage your photos and art. For example, the mat board should be acid-free to protect the pieces from damage. 

Custom framing using museum and conservation type glass, rather than traditional glass, will keep your work of art or precious heirloom photos safe from dust, debris, and UV light damage. These types of glass also eliminate the rippling effect that is bothersome on traditional glass and can distract from the beauty of your artwork or photos.

Custom framing complements your design style

What is your design style? Having a piece custom framed opens endless possibilities to suit any decorating theme. Whether you prefer the country look or cannot get enough of the contemporary style, there is always a custom frame to suit your needs.

Choose ornate frames to complement your Victorian home. Look for chunky wooden frames to decorate your rustic home. Weathered wood frames will be a perfect match for a coastal or cottage home.

Custom framing stands out

When you display a great photo, piece of art, or a treasured embroidered piece, you want it to be noticed. The wrong frame can distract from the beauty of your photos and art pieces. Your custom framing specialist will work with you to find the best frame to enhance the beauty of your framed pieces.

A great frame will separate your piece from other items in the room and draw the eye toward the photo or work of art. Your photo or artwork becomes the focal point of the wall grouping and is sure to become a conversation starter when guests visit. 

Picture frames can be found in any store and purchased at minimal cost, but cheap frames are not the best value for your treasured photos, artwork, or needlework pieces. A custom frame puts you in control. You can choose the style and materials. To learn more, visit a company that offers custom framing and ask them about their options.