Home Sweet Office: Designing a Family Home Office You Cannot Resist

24 August 2020
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If you and your family have recently been forced to trade in your work cubicles and the classroom for the kitchen table due to COVID-19, you are not alone. Going from an office environment to working and schooling at home can be a difficult transition. However, it can also be the perfect time to create a family home office where each family member can work and do schoolwork in comfort and safety. 

1. Planning a design

Allow children to get involved in the design process. You may want to consider transforming an entire basement into a family office/classroom to ensure you have plenty of space. Choose durable flooring that can be easily cleaned rather than carpet. Stick with neutral colors for walls and drapes. Plan to set up individual workstations so everyone can have their own unique space. A partition between each workstation will help to prevent distractions and provide some privacy. 

2. Finding fabulous furniture  

When shopping for office furniture, allow each family member to choose their own desk and a small bookcase to store supplies. This will help everyone to stay organized. Look for bookcases wide enough to accommodate storage bins and totes. Comfortable chairs are a must-have item in any home office. Choose chairs that offer good lumbar support and can be adjusted for comfort. For children, choose chairs made of stain-resistant material. You may also want to purchase a few accent chairs to be used for studying or reading. Office furniture accent chairs will make an office feel less formal and can function as decorative pieces to give the room a homey look. This is especially true in larger areas, such as a finished basement.

3. Show off your personality

Encourage creativity. Each family member should have the freedom to accessorize their desk and bookcase with their favorite things. Purchasing notebooks and other office accessories in a favorite color is a great way to allow each person to express their unique style. Each person may also wish to choose a decorative accent pillow to use on their desk chair. Throws and quilts make nice decorative pieces when draped over the back of an office chair and will provide comfort on chilly days. 

Being forced to work and do school at home may be a difficult adjustment you didn't plan on making. However, trading in an uncomfortable office cubicle and classroom may not be as hard to get used to when you're excited about your new family home office. To start finding office furniture, contact companies like Interior Landscapes.