Ways To Make Your Small House Feel Bigger

4 June 2019
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When you are living in a smaller house, it can sometimes feel as though you are limited on space or that things are cramped and uncomfortable. Nobody wants to live in an environment in which it feels like the walls are closing in around them. While moving to another house may not be an option, there are ways that you can make your smaller house look and feel larger. Get to know some of these ways to make your home feel bigger so you can start making changes in your home right away. 

Lighten Up the Walls and Floors

Using light colors to paint the walls and floors of your home can help to make the space feel larger and more open. You do not have to shy away from color, though. Feel free to use any color you like on your walls, just keep it a light version of that color. 

For floors, opt for light wood grain like birch, maple, or white oak. Carpeting should be a light neutral color as well. 

Keep Things Clutter-Free

If ever there was a time to listen to Marie Kondo or other tidying experts, it is when you are trying to maximize a small space and make it feel bigger. Clutter is one of the number one reasons that even moderately-sized homes feel small and overwhelming. 

Take the time to declutter your house. Try to keep counters clean and free of extras. In the kitchen, only have the necessary appliances out and put them away when not in use (if possible). In the bathroom, try to only have soap on the counter and keep everything else put away elsewhere (shower caddies for each family member may be useful for bathroom items in this scenario). 

Go through your house thoroughly and get rid of all items that are unnecessary or that do not bring some form of happiness to your life or to the life of other family members. There will likely be a lot you can sell, give away, or toss when you do this. Then, you can rearrange and find that your house looks and feels bigger because of your efforts. 

Get Furniture with Extra Storage

Sometimes, the items that you keep are still overflowing from the built-in storage spaces in your home. When this happens, you will want to invest in some furniture that offers extra storage. Some coffee tables, footstools, and even beds come with extra "hidden" storage compartments that will allow you to stash away a number of items. 

Using hidden storage in such items will help to eliminate extra clutter that you may add to your home by buying storage shelves or other storage systems. This is especially true of storage beds, as beds are an item of furniture that every home needs. 

Now that you know a few of the many ways to make your small home feel bigger, you can start making changes in your home immediately. For more tips or help, work with an interior design company.