Add Asian Inspiration To Your Living Room

8 March 2017
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The Asian décor style is one of the most popular because it can be so eclectic. The style takes its inspiration from cultures such as Thailand, Japan, China, and Vietnam, which are obviously quite different. However, the overall ambience is typically a mixture of zen and exotic appeal. Utilize the Asian decorating style to add global flair to your living room.

Natural Materials

Asian décor is often characterized by the presence of natural materials. This includes textiles such as linen and silk as well as bamboo, matchstick and raffia. Stone is also common in Asian design, especially gardening. Obvious places for the textiles are furnishings and window treatments, which are also ideal for bamboo or matchstick. You can utilize stone in the form of an indoor fountain or a miniature Zen garden.

Painted Furniture

Painted furniture is common in many Asian cultures. Indeed, chinoiserie is a French term used to describe Chinese-influenced painting with intricate and fantastical designs. You can find furniture in chinoiserie. Lacquered wood is another Asian-inspired option for your furniture. It's also possible to choose antique-look furniture items with Asian-inspired painting.

Asian Accent Pieces

One of the best ways to make over your living room with Asian inspiration is through the accent pieces. You may look for natural materials or painted items here as well. However, consider adding a piece or two that obviously comes from one of the cultures. For example, Home and Garden TV describes a living room with a terra cotta warrior statue as a centerpiece. Other options include Buddha statues, dragon representations, bonsai trees, and portable zen gardens.

Living Room Makeover

Despite the love of color and ornamentation, Asian-inspired decorating is characterized by some minimalism. The target ambience is typically serene. Therefore, as you make over your living room with Asian influence, you want to practice restraint.

So, start with a set color palette. Since your décor pieces will have so much color, consider neutrals such as beige or any natural hue. Use this for your walls and other fundamental pieces, such as your sofa or rug. The goal is to create a neutral backdrop for your statement pieces.

As you place your statement pieces, keep a sense of balance. For instance, consider hanging three painted fans in perfect symmetry on a wall. Alternatively, place a single statue on an accent table then counter it with a Chinese vase on the opposite side of the room. As you decorate, walk around and judge the effect of the statement pieces before adding more.

Create a chic, beautiful interior design by making your living room over with Asian-inspired décor.